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My name is James Uren. I own The Kringle Man (previously The Village Cafe) in Elk Horn. The town of Elk Horn, Iowa was established about 1882, in the midst of a heavy Danish settlement of Audubon, Shelby and Cass counties.

It was the location of the Danish Lutheran Evangelical College, founded in 1878, with O. Kirreberg as its first president. 

Elk Horn is the largest rural Danish settlement in the U.S. The Danish Windmill received Iowa's top tourism attraction in 1990 and 2008. The Museum or Danish America (formerly known as the Danish Immigrant Museum) received the same honor in 1994.

The community is proud of it's heritage and I am very pleased to offer the Danish Village Kringle to the mix.

This Danish pastry was originally brought to Elk Horn, Iowa in the late 1800's by Danish immigrants. The unique and delicious Kringle quickly became popular in Southwestern Iowa and while almond is the original time-honored filling, we're proud to call it just one of the 9 delicious flavor options at Use the ORDERS menu tab above to place your order today!

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